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Flushing Queens -or- How to Flush Your Full House
11-11-2012, 10:48 AM
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Flushing Queens -or- How to Flush Your Full House
When it comes to cannabis cultivation, it seems there is a bit of confusion over a very simple (yet very important – and at times lifesaving) term. This term is FLUSHING.

Flush – v. to flood or spray thoroughly with water, as for cleansing purposes: They flushed the wall with water and then scrubbed it down.

-to wash out by a sudden rush of water.

Now there are actually two methods of (and two very specific reasons for) flushing. The first method well will discuss is the two week flush, the second method is the Emergency Flush


I don’t care if you are growing a three week Indica (what up Stoney Girl? lol) indoors or a 100 day heirloom sativa outdoors, YOU NEED TO DO THIS for it to be MEDICAL CANNABIS.

Ever hear the old adage “You are what you eat”? Well that goes for everything on Earth, even cannabis. Whether you have an external root system or are free to roam about at will, the nutrients that go into your system are the nutrients that make you up. Makes me glad I’m not a cannibal. And whether you are using chemical or super-organic, vegan, free trade, tree-hugging nutrients in your garden, you DO NOT want to taste it in your final product. So what do we do? We flush!

Flushing is a simple process. Before your plant is to be harvested, it is given NOTHING BUT CLEAR CLEAN WATER. No nutrients, no supplements, no sugar, JUST WATER. If using city water, make sure it sits out for 24 hours to evaporate any residual chlorine (what I call urban pH’ing). If you are using well or spring water, you may need to make proper pH adjustments to get it as neutral as possible.

The last two weeks of the plant’s life is when the buds REALLY swell up and resin production rapidly increases. It’s basically like the elongation stage during the first two weeks of flowering. The plant knows she’s about to have a major change in her life and she adjust accordingly. But instead of the plant almost doubling in size, the buds turn into bigger, fuller donkey d!(#$ while using up the last of its budding energy. If you don’t flush your lovely ladies during this period, not only is it disrespectful to them, but any residual nutes will get locked into the bud. Please remember UNFLUSHED CANNABIS IS JUST POT. When dealing with patients going through chemotherapy or people that have immune deficiencies for other reasons, your unflushed “medicine” will do more harm than good. Their bodies are going through enough, don’t make their liver work overtime because you wanted to cut a couple corners.

I always flush my ladies for two weeks (or a MINIMUM of 10 days). There are additives found at hydro shops that claim you can flush your plants in half the time. It makes you ask how is adding MORE chemicals going to help flush the other ones out? Most of the time these products are nothing more than watered-down molasses in a fancy bottle. Many people swear by using molasses with their flush, and to that I say to each their own. But don’t take my word for it, try it out. If you have two identical plants, maybe try flushing one with water and the other with some molasses in it. Use UNSULPHERED molasses at a ratio of ONE TEASPOON PER GALLON OF WATER. Even with this practice I would use only water the last 5 days.


Here’s one thing you need to know about your garden before you even start; you’re going to f&$% it up. Probably more than once. ESPECIALLY if you are new to growing. It has nothing to do with intelligence, research, setup, money, time, etc… You’re going to treat your girls like newborn babies, and while that’s all well and good, your first instinct is to have knee-jerk reactions to every small sign and symptom. In a nutshell you’re going to love your plants to death. You’re going to think a slightly yellowed leaf tip is the end of the world and start adding treatments to compensate the “deficiency or abundance” you think you have. At a certain point you are going to realize you’ve added too many things and now the plant won’t even drink water. Now is the time for an EMERGENCY FLUSH.

Soil is more forgiving compared to growing cannabis hydroponically. While one mistake in a hydro garden could kill all your plants in a matter of a couple hours, it may take a couple days with soil. This gives you a chance to make up for your mistake with an emergency flush. When you add too many nutrients or supplements to your soil, they start to create an excess in the soil. This creates what is known as a salt buildup in the soil. The roots are unable to uptake and process this salt buildup and eventually the plant will stop drinking water altogether. Now is the time to flush. The idea is to run enough water through your pot to wash out the built up salts and return your soil to a neutral, non-toxic state. Keep in mind that this WILL make your soil neutral. So, for example, you were using ACCTECH’s Soil Recipe for veg, this would remove pretty much all the beneficial amendments, so fertilizing after recovery would be necessary. Also remember this is a LAST RESORT to save your plant. It will take a while for the plant to recover, but at least it will recover. Instead of throwing out an entire plant, you may still be able to get a bit of weight from it in the end.

So how much water should you use? A good rule of thumb is to remember a 3:1 ratio. For every gallon of soil in your pot, you need 3 gallons of water to flush it out. So if you are using a 7 gallon pot, you would need to pour 21 gallons of water through it. A bathtub or floor drain are highly recommended for this. You COULD bring the plant outside and do it, but that may get some weird looks from the neighbors. I don’t think telling them you grow Japanese Maples indoors is going to work. After you flush your soil, give your plants a few days to recover before going to back to a LIGHT fertilization schedule.

I hope this helps clear the air a bit on a commonly misunderstood term. Happy growing!

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